Improve Service
  Email Scheduled Times
After your log is final, designated advertisers will receive emails with tomorrow's scheduled ad times. The same email can go to as many people as your client wishes.

These emails with the advertiser's spot times are created and sent automatically, yet the emails look personalized.

Your only job will be to occasionally freshen up the station information that rotates in the form letters.
  Your emails can include sponsors' success stories, other advertising opportunities, news, weather, sports, community calendar items or jokes from your air personalities. works with every traffic system and any digital system.

  Increase Rates With A New Class Of Service
Radio historically has sold Specified Times (at premium prices) and Best Times Available (at regular prices). Now, lets your station create a new category priced between the two: Best Times Available Plus Advance Notice. For this higher priced category, use to advise these clients of their upcoming ad times.    LEARN MORE  


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