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  Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Who is
A: is the latest from Dave Scott, founder and former 14-year CEO of Scott Studios (now owned by Google).

Dave Scott was also former 17-year CEO of Century 21 Programming and TM Century (now Jones TM). Over 10 thousand U.S. radio stations have trusted Dave Scott's products in recent decades.
  Q:  How does generate emails to my station's clients?
A:  You get software that runs on your traffic computer.

When a new log is locked, software generates the emails with times from the upcoming schedule. It uses different form letters each day. You maintain a list of advertisers and email addresses that want the advance air time notices. works with any traffic software and any PC running Windows Vista or XP that has an Internet connection to send emails. (It even works fine with dialup Internet.)

Q:  I have several stations. Can I use for all of them?
A:  Yes. You can use for any or all of your stations. There is a slight extra charge for each additional station. At present, we're sending separate emails for each station but if requested we will develop a way to have all stations on one email.

Q:  Do all my advertisers have to get these emails?
A:  No. Emails only go for accounts you specify. If you don't activate the service for the client, nothing happens. If you don't enter an email address in our software we don't send any times. You can check a box the first time an advertiser appears on the log if you don't want to be asked again whether to send emails to them.

Q:  What about sending text messages to clients who prefer that?
A:  Yes, we can do that. We'll show you how to enter a special email that the cell phone provider converts from an email to a text message. Note that texts are limited to only 120 to 160 characters (including the to and from information) so there's barely space for the basics.

Q:  What about live spots? Can you still email the times?
A:  Probably. If the spots are on the log as a live read, we'll email the scheduled times.

Q:  What about weekends and holidays?
A:  When you lock a log and authorize us to go to work, we'll email scheduled times for whatever day's log you have just finished.

Q:  Won't my advertisers get mad at the other stations who don't provide this service?
A:  Yes, we certainly hope so.

Q:  Is all this affordable?
A:  Yes. This software pays for itself in time saved. You'll also benefit from increased renewals and better collections.

Stations in top 100 market ask about possible barter for for a few national spots per week. Call 1-866-Dave-Scott for details. Not all stations qualify.

Q:  What do my people have to do to make it work?
A:  The first time a new advertiser shows up in the log, a list of new advertisers appears on the traffic computer. If that advertiser wants to receive emails of their times, your people enter an email address for them. If not, a box is checked and the email question won't be asked again on future days.

There is a screen in the software for the station to add a form letter open and close that wraps around the list of times. Those form letters can change daily or rotate through several.

Emails can be viewed on screen before sending or go first as emails to the sales person or their assistant for approval before sending. Or they can be sent to the client automatically.

As many people can get the email as desired, including different stores and different people within the advertiser's organization as well as anyone at your station that you wish.

Q:  How does it work from a technical standpoint?
A:  EmailMyTimes is Windows software that runs on your traffic computer. Late in the business day, it scans that computer every few minutes for the next day's commercial log. That log can be set up to use either the commercials-only format that would merge with music and go to automation in the air studio, or (at your choice) the merged log with spots and music. Those logs never leave your LAN or go outside your firewall. Our software accesses logs in a read-only fashion. If you have them set as read-only, we're fine with that. We never write to any of your logs or change them in any way.

Q:  Will you need anything from me to adapt to my particular brand of traffic or studio software?
A:  Yes, we'll want a sample log from any one of your stations. It can be old, new or whatever, so long as the format is the one currently in use. We will treat it confidentially and are willing to sign any non-disclosure agreement if desired. We will train our software to read the advertiser names and scheduled times into a SQL database that we'll maintain.           LEARN MORE  



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